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Listen to Norway, MIC’s new download services offers a world wide audience a chance to listen to and download more than 40 000 titles from over 90 independent record labels. With unmatched sound quality and user-friendliness, Listen to Norway , represents one of the web’s best download services.

Roosevelt’s World War II quote (Look to Norway...) has been adopted and slightly altered by MIC, resulting in one of our favoured titles. It adorned the now defunct printed music magazine published by MIC up until 2000. It’s also the brand under which the International Purchasing Scheme For New Norwegian Phonograms ship high-quality Norwegian records globally. All in all, Listen To Norway will be the motto which serves as a label and identity for MIC’s international promotional activities.

MIC feels Listen to Norway represents one of the web’s best legitimate download services. At Listen to Norway you can listen to high quality streaming audio showcasing the latest Norwegian releases. If you fancy what you hear you can buy single tracks for as little as NOK 12,50 (EUR / USD 1,70). You can also download whole albums at heavily discounted prices. Many albums, EPs and singles are available at the Listen To Norway web-shop weeks before they’re available in the Norwegian record stores (and many months before any record buyers abroad can get their hands on the releases).

The legitimate downloadable tracks are available as 96 kbps Windows Media Audio files. You can browse all tracks and listen to 30 seconds of very high quality streaming audio. If you like what you hear you can purchase single tracks or the whole album and pay by credit card or through the Payex system. More info on payment and the Payex system can be found here

All of your technical questions should be answered at the FAQ page.

As of writing there are 41 175 files from more than 90 independent record companies available for your enjoyment. New releases and tracks are added several times a week, giving you a unique opportunity to catch up on anything new and interesting on the Norwegian scene. Pop, rock, contemporary, ethnic, hip-hop, traditional, electronica, crossover, classical and many more genres are represented at the Listen to Norway site.

The database is owned and operated by Phonofile – a legitimate file-sharing company which up until now has catered primarily to professional users i.e. TV and radio stations. Phonofile has initiated licensing deals with leading Norwegian independent record labels with the intent to promote use of Norwegian music in media. Taking a step up, Phonofile now offers its vast audio database to the general public. Says Erik Bataas of Phonofile to Ballade: We want to make Norwegian music available at a much bigger scale than ever before. will be the web’s most comprehensive collection of legitimate downloadable Norwegian music and a substantial source of knowledge.

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