Ernst Simon Glaser and Liv Glaser: Schumann & Schubert

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Ernst Simon Glaser and Liv Glaser's 'Schumann & Schubert'

Ernst Simon Glaser and Liv Glaser: Schumann & Schubert (cover)

Two of the greatest composers of all time, Schubert and Schumann, need no further introduction.

However, a point worth some attention is the fact that much of their music was originally conceived to sound differently to the way it is now commonly known.

One reason for this is the development in instrumentation, where some instruments have vanished from existence and use, while others have developed and taken on a new character.

This recording’s first piece was written for an instrument called the arpeggio, which was a kind of cello, but with frets and tuning like a guitar. According to cellist Ernst Simon Glaser, recording the piece using a cello instead –in combination with the original fortepiano- mirrors the progress achieved in re-interpreting these composers’ original intentions and sonic expectations.

Of Schumann’s works here presented only one was written for cello and piano, the other two have, as with Schubert, been adapted.

These adaptations require, needless to say, an extra effort by the musicians; always trying to find anew the unique qualities in the instrumental combinations intended by the composer.

This work was perhaps made easier by the fact that cello and piano are played by brother and sister Ernst Simon and Liv Glaser.

Both belong to the pinnacle of Norwegian classical music, the former at the beginning of his career, the latter with a long and distinguished career behind her.

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