A-ha will feature at Live 8 in Berlin

As part of the historic Live 8 initiative A-ha have been asked to participate and will be performing at the Berlin concert.

a-ha live: Morten Harket & Anneli Drecker

Sir Bob Geldof recently announced Live 8; beyond question the biggest music/media event in history, aimed at “making poverty history”. Going down on July 2nd Live 8 is five simultaneous concerts, in London, Paris, Berlin, Rome and Philadelphia. The estimated live audiences will be several million, while the extensive broadcasts will reach more than two billion people.

Thus the event constitutes a global moment of attention towards poverty, and aims at applying “global” pressure on the economic leaders of the world in advance of the upcoming G 8 summit in Scotland.
Live 8 refers to its predecessor Live Aid and to the G 8 countries towards which the initiative is specifically directed.

The concerts will be free of charge, for, as Sir Bob phrased it: “It is not your money we’re after, it’s you.”

The line-up for the five concerts is absolutely unprecedented by including the pinnacle of international popular music almost in its entirety. As such being asked to participate is an honour and homage beyond measurement and A-ha’s inclusion on the list speaks more than anything of the status the band enjoys on the international music scene.

The potential number of viewers exceeding two billion also makes A-ha’s performance the incomparably biggest display of a Norwegian cultural expression in history.

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