Henning Kvitnes: Bare vente litt på sjelen

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Henning Kvitnes' 'Bare vente litt på sjelen'

Henning Kvitnes: Bare vente litt på sjelen (cover)

With Na-na-na…I himmelen inn singer/songwriter Henning Kvitnes scored a major domestic hit. His roots-flavoured tunes that deal with everyday issues have struck a chord with the mature domestic audience, earning Kvitnes a devoted following in Norway. A mainstay on the Norwegian roots-rock scene for more than two decades, Henning Kvitnes is a matured songwriter and performer that puts forth a repertoire which bears witness of his experience and confidence. The flawless playing on the album is courtesy of his long standing collaborators and together with the eminent production it rounds out a coherent and lasting outing from one of Scandicana’s finest performers.

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