Trinity: Sparkling

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Trinity's 'Sparkling'

Trinity - Sparkling

its entirety is the product of a single day of recording, the capture of one session, one cannot help but be smitten with the courageous one-time-ness of it; the pre-decided momentariness that reveals a mind set of seeking ever new epiphanies.
However, such fascinating circumstances could easily prove misconceived should the music not live up to the project’s ambitious nature, and in this lays of course the great risk for the musicians.

Experiencing then, that Sparkling is indeed as fresh and invigorating as a wind-borne volley of sunlit sea-vapour, one is struck and enchanted by the spirit brought forth and captured on tape by Kjetil Møster on saxophone, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten on double bass and Thomas Strønen on drums.

All eight tracks were improvised, or as the sleeve reads: “spontaneously composed”, during the session. And in the course of them each of the three musicians displays the diversity and virtuosity of their playing as well as unique understanding of each other.

Led by Møster’s saxophone, Håker Flaten and Strønen comply and deviate, and the three build and dissolve by ever-unpredictable paths, creating music that is real like no other.

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