Mira Craig sings with Timbaland

With hollywoodian conspicuousness Mira Craig has crashed onto the international scene of Hip Hop and R’n’B. -First and foremost due to her ability to attract the attention of the stars when they come her way; at Norwegian and Scandinavian events. Her chutzpah in this company has amazed many a fretful Norwegian -her self-designed bikinis are perhaps not the approved dress code of the people, but the hip hop circuit is a different world- and now her audacious wooing of the big boys in the game is paying off.

Mira Craig, 2005

Perhaps the most admired and influential pop producer of all, Timbaland, is preparing a solo release in his own name to be entitled “Shock Value”. And for this enterprise he has naturally been able to choose whoever he wanted as collaborators and for guest appearances. Jay-Z, Elton John and the Hives are contributing.

All the more noteworthy then, that one of the others Timbaland has involved in the recording sessions is Norwegian Mira Craig, who is still a newcomer and still, frankly, not a name yet at all overseas. What she does have is ample amounts of will, cockiness and, not least, talent. Her idiosyncratic and remarkable debut album, Mira Mira (2006) has caught the attention of many, not least for her singing and for the uncompromising nature of her artistic project; writing, producing, direction and designing every aspect herself.

Timbaland relates on his decision to work with Mira thus: “Her voice is Grr and her looks are voff, voff” But this time around Mira’s contribution is more operatic than growling; lending her voice to what he describes as a “very sinister kind of tune.” And now, after some conflicting press statements, it turns out that the song will not feature on "Shock Value" after all, it being too sinister for such a "sunny" compilation.

Yet, even if the song will not be released this time around, contributing on a Timbaland song is of course a great honour for Mira Craig. Needless to say it is something that gets noticed on the international scene, and this relates to what is even more significant perhaps, namely that the collaboration is reciprocal: Timbaland has contributed both musically and as producer on Mira’s forthcoming album, which is due to be released this spring or early summer.
What is so special about Mira Craig is her determination to approach and interact with the greats and establish herself as a presence on the scene, but always with her own artistic project in mind; a venture, as mentioned before, which is truly original and which is defined by personal integrity.

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