Tungtvann: III Folket bak nordavind

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Tungtvanns 'III Folket bak nordavind'

Tungtvann 'III Folket bak nordavind' (cover)

The hip-hop duo Tungtvann (heavy water) is established in the vanguard of the genre in Norway, and in terms of sales, publicity and performances they belong to the elite division of Norwegian popular music as such. Their steady ascent had generated great expectations prior to last year’s release III: Folket Bak Nordavind. Having previously included reggae elements and experimented with alternative structural beats, both fans and critics were exited about which direction Tungtvann would be going. The album turned out to be all that was expected and then some. The duo continue their use of reggae elements, include a number of guest appearances to underline the sensation of a structured chaos, and display again the unique ability to create commercially viable music from out of the strict codex of hip-hop. The album appears as tightened; dense and focused with superior flow in the rapping and awesome beats to back it.

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