The Real Ones return to NYC

Following a successful US tour in September, The Real Ones return to North America for a string of NYC gigs in mid-November.

The Real Ones, 2004, s/h

The Real Ones are back in NYC after their successful visit in September. They will be playing at four different venues from the 15th to the 18th of November such as the Mercury Lounge, Living Room, Galapagos and Southpaw. The Real One's tenure has lasted over 11 years, and one can expect a wonderful evening of flawless musicianship from one of Norway's finest bands.

Real Ones is a folk-pop band from Bergen, sharing home-city facilities with Röyksopp, Kings Of Convinience, Annie and Sondre Lerche. Musicwise they can be placed somewhere between Dungen and The Band. Real Ones sound is truly unique though, and combines being an amazing live act with a great talent for writing beautiful pop melodies. Real Ones did a convincing performance at SXSW 2006, and are now making new music for a new album.

Their depth, skill, and dedication is evident in their beautiful melodies. The band has toured all over Europe and North America, building up a steady following of dedicated fans and well deserved reputation as a fantastic live band.

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