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Åsmund Feidje - Biography

Åsmund Feidje began his career in the 60's as a guitarist with the Norwegian experimental rock-group "Rain". In 1969 this group became associated with The National Theatre in Oslo, Norway, and Feidje continued his musical career there, first as a musician, and then developing a role as a composer of musical scores for the stage. Feidje serves now as both musical advisor and composer for the National Theatre.

Feidje is primarily self-taught as a composer, and although his work has been concentrated in music written for the stage, he also had an association with the contemporary ensemble Octoband during the 80's. This group, which included composers with varied musical backgrounds and ideas, was formed through a common desire to explore new kinds of musical expression.

Due to his commitment to the theatre and his position as a highly sought-after composer of stage music, there has been little music produced outside of this realm by Feidje. However, his desire to write contemporary music led to a year of study in composition in Salzburg, with the Polish composer and professor Boguslaw Schaeffer of the Mozarteum in 1989/90. This study has had a significant impact in the development of his music.

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