INTRO Composers win prizes

Music Information Centre Norway congratulates the two prize winning composers, Ørjan Matre and Øyvind Torvund. During the last week of the Ultima Festival in Oslo they were awarded the two most prestigious prizes for composers in Norway, the Edvard Prize and Arne Nordheim Composer Award respectively.

On September 10 Ørjan Matre received the Edvard Prize, named after Edvard Grieg and awarded by the Norwegian Performing Rights Society TONO, in a concert for the inauguration of the Arne Nordheim Centre at the Norwegian Academy of Music. On September 14 Øyvind Torvund won the Arne Nordheim Composer Prize during a concert with Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Both composers have been in the MIC launching program INTRO Composer. Matre is still in it, while Torvund took part in the program from 2007-2009. The two composers represent quite different styles. Matre has a considerable orchestral production, and is going to be the profile composer of Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra in the season 2013-2014. Torvund has a more experimental and challenging mode of expression, often with free improvisation as an important ingredient.

Ørjan Matre: Four Miniatures for Orchestra
Øyvind Torvund: The Stacks for Percussion and Electronics
Øyvind Torvund: Slideshow for Saxophone

Øyvind Torvund: Bandrom 3

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