Ryfylke: Boknafjord

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Ryfylke's 'Boknafjord'

Ryfylke -Boknafjord

Ryfylke, a duo which consists of Stian Skagen and Sten Ove Toft debuts with an album that has been hailed as one of the strongest that has ever come out of the Norwegian noise scene. The opener, Ryger, sets the tone for ‘Boknafjord’ with its two minutes of glitchy distorted noise. The album is a strong experimental noise outing that contains many facets of this exploratory genre, with some passages being almost ambient and minimal while others are brutal cascades of distortion. ‘Boknafjord’ is a true phenomenon of pure, crystallized sound design – the duo carefully processing sourced into practically unknown matters. If you’re prepared for a sonic challenge, Ryfylke and their stunning debut is something for you.

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