The Quart Festival announces new head of booking

It is with considerable enthusiasm that Kristiansand’s Quart Festival announces that it has recruited the renowned Scotsman Andy Inglis as its new head of music, i.e. chief booker.

Andy Inglis_2 (Foto: Tor Erik Schrøder)

Inglis is the man behind the celebrated London venue The Luminaire, which has been named venue of the year twice since its inception in 2005. Several Norwegian artists have performed at the club, including Hanne Hukkelberg, Datarock, Ungdomskulen and Madrugada. And Inglis has been a fan and watcher of Norwegian Music since he started attending by:Larm and the Øya festival a few years back.

He cites his love for Norway and Norwegian music as his reasons for accepting the job with Quart, for which he has already been associated as a booking consultant. The task is quite a challenge as things now stand, for Norway’s biggest pop-rock festival over the last decade has experienced recent troubles in terms of popular support and finances, not least due to increased competition from other festivals.

However Inglis is hugely optimistic (and Quart points out his enthusiasm, knowledge and zeal as the reasons for hiring him) and has related that he will approach the challenge with the same objective in mind as he had with The Luminaire; to create the best of its kind.

- I want to make Quart the best festival in the world, he says, anything else is aiming too low. I want the Quart audience to be given the best that is on offer, including artists that they are unacquainted with. In addition to the crowd pleasers, which are of course instrumental in festival booking since people choose which festival to go to on the basis of the headliners, I aim to produce the most innovative and forward looking acts available within each genre, from all over the world.

Jørgen Skauge, who has had Inglis job until now, will continue as a booking consultant.
-It is a simple matter of switching roles, he relates: When you realize that you have a second- in-command who is among the best in the world, it simply makes sense to invert the hierarchy.

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