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Sigvald Tveit

Sigvald Tveit, born in Southern Norway in 1945, is a multi-talented and unusually productive composer. Most of his almost 2000 works belong to the genre of popular music or have been written for specific use, but stylistic breadth is really his trademark. Sigvald Tveit’s name is just as closely linked with larger dramatic church works, such as ”The Promised Land” and ”Mr. Petter’s Hymn”, as with simple children’s songs from television successes, such as the Norwegian version of ”Sesame Street”. He has worked for many years as an arranger and composer for The Norwegian Broadcasting Company and several record companies and, in conjunction with this, has been responsible for approximately 100 recordings and several hundred radio and TV programs.

Tveit received his Cand. Phil. Degree in Music at the University of Oslo in 1973, with an emphasis on Baroque composition technique. Since that time, he has also organist exam from the Agder Music Conservatory in 1982, and earned his Master in Music degree in composition from the Norwegian State Academy of Music, Oslo, in 1994. During the years 1976-78, Tveit took a correspondence course in arranging and orchestration at the Berklee School of Music in Boston. In 1978-79, he was a Fulbright scholar and studied at the Grove School of Music in Hollywood, completing a course in the ”Contemporary Composing and Arranging Program”, while also taking courses in both film music at University of California, Los Angeles, and composition for choir at California State University, Long Beach. In 1991, he returned to the Grove School of Music where he studied film music.

Since 1973, Sigvald Tveit has been a Professor at the Institute of Musicology, Oslo University, lecturing mainly in studies of music theory and composition. He has also served as a guest professor at California State University in Long Beach, at California State University in Northridge and at University of Arizona. He has been employed as an organist in a number of churches.

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