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Finally, it’s 2002’s last day at work and the MIC staff is about to retreat for some well deserved R&R. These will be the last words published at this year but fear not, on January 6 2003 this site will come to life again.

Tomas Lauvland Pettersen editor of

It’s been a prosperous, active and inspiring year for Norwegian music. The activity has reached unsurpassed heights with new artists making strong debuts, established performers delivering solid and successful releases, sales figures picking up and international attention increasing.

2002 marked a significant change for a marked that has been badly affected by the global economic slowdown and (possibly) download piracy. In contrast to global struggling markets, the Norwegian sales figures are pointing upwards and it’s pleasing that the sales of Norwegian records are finally picking up.

Norwegian music export and international attention is also increasing fast. More than ever, Norwegian artists are focussing on international touring and co-operation across the borders. International media attention is picking up fast and performers from all genres from contemporary to black-metal to trance to jazz to electronica to god-knows-what are busy planning their international 2003 itineraries. Next year looks promising given the strong releases that awaits us. A quiet Christmas is all we need to gather strength before next year kick off – a year that could possibly be Norwegian music’s strongest ever.

For the Music Information Centre Norway 2002 has also been a transitional period with massive development, new initiatives, new colleagues, new services and lots of activity. Not only has the centre changed its name and by-laws, new staff (including yours truly) and new web-sites have been added. The pages you now read are a product of MIC’s 2002 transformation, and signify a centre that’s poised for increased efforts domestically and internationally.

It’s been a busy autumn, and the upcoming holiday season is a welcome break for the MIC staff. As the MIC crew retreats for some well deserved R&R, the Music Information Centre Norway will be closed until Thursday January 2. will not be updated until January 6 as yours truly is off for some long awaited skiing in the western parts of Norway. If all bones are intact early next year, expect a thorough presentation of upcoming releases, tours and key figures for 2003.

From all of us at MIC: Merry Christmas and a happy new year. See ya in 2003!


Tomas Lauvland Pettersen
Information Executive Officer

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