A very special, centennial "Norsk Høstfest".

The biggest Scandinavian festival in America with an unprecedented artistic line-up joining Norway in her centennial celebrations.

Sissel Kyrkjebø 2004

Taking place each fall in Minot North Dakota “Norsk Høstfest” is a cornerstone of Scandinavian culture and heritage in North America, attracting 55,000 to 60,000 visitors every year,
This year the program will be more comprehensive and impressive than ever before as it is the festival’s desire to make the event a fitting commemoration of the 1905 advent of independence for Norway.

Headlining the festival is Norwegian singer Sissel who is among the brightest stars on Scandinavia’s musical firmament. Her singing on the soundtrack to the movie Titanic bewitched millions; her crystalline voice not possible to forget, and she has done several glittering performances -on some very special albums and occasions- with superstar singers such as Placido Domingo.
For Norwegians, as well as for many Americans with Norwegian roots, she needs no introduction.

On the opening night Tuesday, October 11, 2005, she will share the stage of the great “Viking” hall of Minot's State Fair Center with country music legend Glen Campbell -another artist in little need of further introduction- and his daughter Darleen.

The following days the stage will be claimed by a panoply of great artists including another country legend, Merle Haggard and singer Paul Anka. The line-up definitely lives up to the festivals intention of making this year’s Høstfest an especially memorable one.

“The purpose of Norsk Høstfest is to cherish and preserve our heritage,” said Chester Reiten, Norsk Høstfest Association president. “While the festival encompasses all five Scandinavian cultures, the majority of our patrons are Norwegian. So we're very happy this year to be able to join Norway in its centennial observance commemorating Norway's peaceful dissolution of its union with Sweden 100 years ago.”

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