Out Of The Black...

Drowned in Sound with in-depth article covering the Norwegian music scene through the last decade.

Under the title ‘Out Of The Black – Norway 2000-2010...and beyond’, Drowned in Sound now features a great new in-depth feature on Norwegian music (2000-2010 and beyond), penned by the site’s strong writer Luke Slater. The thorough article covers an impressive list of topics ranging from the Øya Festival, by:Larm and the Nordic Music Prize, the Ja Ja Ja events in London, and last but not least, a wide range of profiles on artists ranging from Susanne Sundfør and Casiokids to a-ha.

Writes Slater in the article: ‘…looking at it from a purely musical point of view and ignoring all of those more matter-of-fact economic and cultural reasons, the position of Norway's music, and interest in what the country has to offer is only going to grow in the next decade. Already in 2010 we've seen another glut of varied greatness from Diskjokke's En Fin Tid to the returning Röyksopp, Shining, Serena-Maneesh and, quite possibly, another fine collection of cuts from Bjørn Torske. Plus some superbly promising back catalogues already from the more leftfield in Stian Westerhus and Svarte Greiner. The true effects of the music made in this ten-year period and subsequent fertility, along with the continued investment in that sprouting flowerbed, may only materialise in the current decade. And that is very exciting.’

Read Drowned in Sound’s ‘Out Of The Black – Norway 2000-2010...and beyond’ here.

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