Low February sales

Album sales dipped in February while the domestic repertoire percentage remained high.

Dum Dum Boys 2006 (photo:Stian Andersen): currently no. 1 on the Norwegian charts with their latest album 'Gravitasjon'

Album sales on the Norwegian phonogram market continue to drop. The latest sales figures from the Association of Norwegian Record Distributors show that sales of CD albums were down by 15% in volume in February 2006 compared to last year.

As of February 2006, music downloads are now included in the official Norwegian charts, resulting in 208 000 downloaded units in the first official sales report. This caused the total sales figures to increase 14% in volume compared to last year, while overall sales were down 19% in value.

Sales of singles were down 25% in volume and 26% in value compared to 2005.

Sales of DVD music units are up a whopping 140% in volume and 112% in value compared to February 2005.

Total accumulated sales in 2006 are 1,3m albums, 44 00 singles, 55 000 music DVDs and 342 000 downloaded units amounting to a turnover of NOK 84m. This is an increase of 13% in volume and a reduction of 13% in value compared to last year.

Domestic repertoire continues to maintain its strong position on the home market with a 36% stake of the market.

These were the market shares in February 2006:
Universal 22,8%
EMI Recorded Music 18,2%
Sony BMG 14,5%
Warner 9,7%
Bonnier Amigo 8,5%
Playground 5%
Master Music/Naxos 4,7%
Bare Bra / Tylden 3,9%
MO 3,8%
VME 3,7%
Tuba 3,4%
MBO Sales Norway 2,5%
KKV -0,5%

Total turnover in February 2006 was NOK 39,3m.

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