Ultralyd: Ultralyd

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Ultralyd's self-titled debut album

Ultralyd: Ultralyd (cover)

Ultralyd is an exciting new project that brings together noise pioneer Ketil Brandsdal (of Noxagt fame), free-jazz pioneer Frode Gjerstad and young guns Anders Hana and Morten Olsen. Formed solely with young musicians in mind, this is powerful rock inspired free music of the highest order. Brandsdal’s heavily distorted bass guitar is a perfect match for Gjerstad’s explorations of the saxophones outer limits. Hana and Oslo contribute with innovative and mature guitar and drum work that belie the performers young age. These improvisations never get bogged down in the rock tradition and they balance the freshness of the best free music with the well worn jam sensibility perfectly, creating a surprisingly breezy, challenging and hugely enjoyable album.

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