DJ 99 – spinning the decks at Womex

One of Norway’s foremost DJs is set to spin vinyl and discs at the upcoming Womex trade fair in Seville, Spain.

Guttorm Andreassen - DJ 99

For three years, from 2003-2006, Norway’s primary broadcasted source of unrestrained musical diversity and pure rhythmic whimsicality was Norwegian national radio’s program WASABI. The man behind it, Guttorm Andreasen, is beyond doubt one of the great explorers of the inexhaustible world of recorded rhythmic music; indeed he is one of the few to make it apparent that this world is exactly inexhaustible. With WASABI two hundred thousand listeners got a daily dose of sounds unheard and even unimagined. Over the course of 700 hundred broadcasts he furnished the Norwegian ether with a true rhythmic multiplicity. The concept of genre was irrelevant; in fact it was exhausted by the sheer number of different ones presented. Many were saddened when the program was taken off the air in 2006, for it was as if the world at its most vibrant had suddenly hung up on us.

Luckily Andreasen is not just a radio man and producer he is also an assiduous DJ working with the same objective in mind: to make the world multi rhythmical to as large an extent as possible. As DJ 99 he has played at innumerable clubs and festivals, and masterminded some of the most renowned club concepts in Oslo. Among his night-life achievements is the unbelievably vibrating funhouse of Soria Moria Dancing, which holds a special place in many Norwegian dancing hearts.

Now DJ 99 is ready to take this dancing heart to Womex: As a conquistador from the realm of rhythm he is ready to make the offer none can refuse: the emancipation of music from genre and expectancy. DJ 99 reiterates the notion of music’s universal qualities and brings the immediate response, i.e. dancing, to the foreground.

DJ 99 will spin vinyl and discs at the Teatro Lope de Vega on Thu 25th of October from 1:30am until the wee hours

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