Kaada to tour Holland with 40-man orchestra

Next week sees composer and performer John Erik Kaada heading out on a Dutch tour with a 40-man strong orchestra. The tour will feature works from his last outing ‘Music for Moviebikers’ as well as several new compositions.

Listen to excerpts from Kaada’s ‘Music for Moviebikers’ (Ipecac 2006)
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Kaada live (foto: www.kaada.com)

The upcoming Dutch tour will feature a string orchestra, the Rotterdam chamber Orchestra as well as the choir Dutch Vocal Lab, totalling more than 40 persons on stage.

Says Kaada on the transformation of the recorded material into a live format: - When we recorded ‘Music for Moviebikers’ we wanted musicians to play as softly as possible. In a concert hall that wouldn’t make sense so we have re-arranged the pieces and given them more dynamics and punch.

Says Kaada on the new material to be performed: - The new elements are heavily influenced by classic Italian soundtracks.

Wrote Time Out London’s Sharon O’Connell in her review of ‘Music for Moviebikers’ last year: “The title befits the fact that John Kaada has spent years scoring independent films in his Norwegian homeland. This superbly subtle, powerfully evocative LP – made with a 22-piece orchestra – isn’t in fact a movie score, but it is a tribute to Kaada’s talent for painting with sound. Recalling Ennio Morricone, Arvo Prt, Danny Elfman, Black Heart Procession, John Barry and Sigur Rs, it can shift from the majesty of a mile-deep fjord to the drama of a Sicilian funeral in one gorgeous, eloquent glide.“

Kaada and Cloroform tracks and albums can be purchased here.

Listen to more tracks on Kaada’s MySpace site.

Watch the video for Kaada's From Here On It Got Rough

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