Joachim Knoph - Biography

Joachim Knoph (photo: Ranveig Bøe)

Joachim Knoph was born in Oslo, 1979. He studied piano, violin and singing, and at present he is a piano diploma student at the Barratt-Due Institute in Oslo, and the Malmö Academy of music (Sweden), with Professor Jiri Hlinka as main teacher.

The years 1998- 2002 saw Knoph studying at the Norwegian State Academy of Music in Oslo, with Professor Einar Steen-Nøkleberg as main teacher. Previously Knoph had studied under Helene Jensen, Wolfgang Plagge and Jens Harald Bratlie. He has also studied under the tutorial guidance of Professor Nelson Delle- Vigne Fabbri at ”Ecole Normale de Musique Alfred Cortot” in Paris.

Joachim Knoph has performed chamber music with Arvid Engegård, Knut Erik Sundquist and Roger Arve Vigulf among others, and has participated at master-classes with Aldo Ciccolini, Philippe Entremont and Roberto Szidon.

In 1992, Knoph was awarded the Ånun Lund Rej memorial fund, and in 1996, he won the first prize of the Sparre Olsen competition. He was also the winner of the 2002 YAMAHA Music Foundation award.

2001 saw Knoph premiering two piano concertos by Norwegian composer Fred Jonny Berg on CD as a soloist with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, conducted by Ari Rasilainen.

Additional composition studies include several years under the guidance of Wolfgang Plagge. Knoph’s list of major works feature sonatas for oboe, piano and violin. His published works are available from his publishers: 2L Electronic Scores and the Music Information Centre Norway (MIC).

Music scores are available on the net at the site (follow the link ”Electronic scores”).

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