Stable December sales

Music sales remained relatively stable in December last year while total sales figures for the whole year tell the tale of a declining market.

Sivert Høyem 2007 - currently the best selling Norwegian artist on the domestic market

The latest sales figures from the Association of Norwegian Record Distributors show that in December 2006 revenues from music sales reached NOK 99,5m. Compared to December 2005, the sales figures, which include both physical units and download, remain stable. Sales of physical units alone are down 7% in volume and 3% in value. December 2006 proved to be yet another positive month for domestic repertoire which increased its share of the local market with 16% in volume and 24% in value for physical units. The domestic percentage of the market in December ended at a whooping 51%.

Sales of singles were down 81% in volume and 80% in value in December compared to the preceding year.

Compared to 2005, sales of DVDs rose 56% in volume and 36% in value in December 2006.

Total sales figures for 2006 seen as a whole show that 10m albums, 254 000 singles and 380 000 music DVDs were sold resulting in a turnover of NOK 704m. Compared to 2005 this represents a decline in both volume and value of 12% for sales of physical units. In 2006, downloads accounted for a turnover of NOK 26m. Sales of both physical units and downloads were down 9% in 2006.

These were the market shares in December 2006:

Universal 27,1%
Sony BMG 22,8%
EMI Recorded Music 14,7%
Warner 9,4%
MO 8,3%
MBO Sales Norway 4,5%
Bonnier Amigo 3%
Master Music/Naxos 2,8%
VME 2,2%
KKV 1,7%
Bare Bra / Tylden 1,7%
Playground 1,1%
Tuba 0,8%

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