Eva Trones: Lille Bille - Barnesanger av Terje Nilsen

MIC’s Listen to Norway series continues with Eva Trones’children's record 'Lille Bille - Barnesanger av Terje Nilsen'.

Eva Trones: Lille Bille - Barnesanger av Terje Nilsen (cover)

On this record –bearing the title “Little Beetle”- the well known singer Eva Trones sings children’s songs by the beloved songwriter Terje Nielsen.
The two have been cooperating for sixteen years and when Trones –wanting to make a record for the youngest- found out that Nielsen also wrote music and lyrics for children, the path to “Lille Bille” was short. The eleven songs bear the warm and readily lovable quality of Nielsen’s melodies, and the words accord perfectly in their honest and heart-warming naiveté. The record was received very favourably and became a best-seller within its genre. This has brought Trones around the country, performing the songs in various settings and reaching a great number of children –as well as many adults.

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