Datarock head out on Australian tour

Begen’s hyped ‘new rave’ protagonists Datarock dodge the December rain in favour of Australian summer.

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Datarock 2006 (Photo: Knut Aaserud)

Hailing from the much hyped Tellč-scene in Bergen, Datarock are a fine example of the willingness to explore and develop integral forms of expression that characterises the bands that have emerged from the capital of Western Norway (think Röyksopp and Kings of Convenience here). High profiled gigs at the Sonār Festival in Barcelona and Norway’s biggest festival, Quart, have earned them a reputation as a live act out of the ordinary. Following the Sonār Festival appearance, Guardian (UK) singled out the act as one of the event’s true highlights.

Datarock’s unique and deft mix of lo-fi pop, casio, disco, hardcore and rock has been featured on several successful international compilations, earning the band a loyal following outside of their native Norway.

“Our first musical love was thrash metal and punk guitars,” says the Ketil Mosnes and Fredrik Saroea, “but we discovered that electronic music was so much more fun. Still, love for monstrous guitars is not something that goes away, so we just figured we’d combine the two and make datrock.” Simple as that…

Britain’s NME don’t hesitate to call Datarock “Pop music’s most aggressive sect since the Polyphonic Spree. In the linguistic vein of that publication the phrase entails pure praise. And the conclusion reads: “Doubting Datarock is the future of indie dance? You're taking the piss, right?"

September and October saw Datarock touring the UK with fellow ‘new rave’ acts Klaxons and Shitdisco as part of a massively hyped NME tour. Judging by the rave live reviews, the Australian audience is in for real pre-Christmas party.

In addition to Datarock’s upcoming Australian tour, the happening collective have been chosen by national broadcaster NRK’s P3 radio station as the channel’s act at the EBU stage at the Eurosonic Festival in Groningen, Holland in January 2007.

NRK taped a recent Datarock P3-session - video and audio can be found here (in Norwegian).

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