Flunk China tour

Early September sees electronica veterans Flunk heading out on a much anticipated Chinese tour.

Flunk emerged in 2001 when Ulf Nygaard and Jo Bakke met for a couple of sessions in Oslo and the name Flunk materialised. Later in 2001 singer Anja Øyen Vister joined the band and the group signed with a record company.

Adding drummer Erik Ruud to their live squad the band has previously also been on a mini-tour to the US West Coast, including Seattle, San Fransico and Los Angeles.

In spring 2002, the band released their first single, a cover of New Order's Blue Monday in April. The track was well received in the UK and was included on numerous compilations in North America and Europe. Later in April the same year, their debut album For Sleepyheads Only was released and it obtained great reviews in Norway. Shortly after Notting Hill Art's Club would become the location of their live debut. By summer 2002, the band was getting rave reviews from British electronica magazines. Some of their tracks have also appeared on TV-shows such as The OC and Numb3rs.

Flunk has produced a total of six albums, the latest released in 2009 and titled This Is What You Get.

On their China tour Flunk will start in Beijing before going on to Shanghai and Guangzhou.

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