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Turbonegro back in the UK

With appearances at Leeds and Reading festivals, deathpunkers Turbonegro return with full force to the UK in late August.

Backed by their new album Sexual Harassment (Universal/Volcom Entertainment), deathpunkers Turbonegro return to the UK in late August for much-anticipated appearances at festivals Reading and Leeds.

The infectious new single You Give Me Worms has already announced the much awaited return of the denim-clad collective. Released in mid-July, ‘Sexual Harassment’ unleashes the sound of five men locked in a room for a fortnight, and nature taking its sweaty, sultry course. Fronted by the band’s new vocalist Tony Sylvester aka Duke Of Nothing, recruited from the band’s Turbojugend following, Turbonegro returns as a rejuvenated outfit with the sense of good times is dripping from every song, - the end result a truly great Turbonegro record that marks the start of a new era. It's the old band, it's a new band - sounding bigger, mightier and hairier than ever!

The ten songs, recorded at Electric Lady Studios in New York, showcase their roots in hardcore punk and 1980s alternative music, as well as the thrift-store riffs of The Stooges and The Stones, platform-booted glitter rock, and spectacular bubblegum radio music of any era - all executed with an attitude that's unmistakably Turbonegro. But thanks to additions of the human dynamo that is drummer Tommy Manboy (formerly of Serena Maneesh and Silver, and a long-time resident of the Deathpunk Road, working as Turbonegro's drum and guitar tech for a decade), and the refined, gentlemanly growl of singer Tony Sylvester, former frontman of beloved British scum rockers the Dukes of Nothing (from whom he has taken his Turbo appelation), this is a lineup with both eyes firmly on the future.

Says lead guitarist Euroboy: “Being in a good rock band is unbeatable, and thanks to Tony we can do it with pride and dignity. To me, he sounds like Lemmy traveling in first class. We recorded this album as five friends together on the studio floor, everyone liking each other and the music, and it hasn't been like that for over a decade. i think the sense of good times is dripping from every song.”

With over a million albums sold worldwide, and over 2,600 Turbojugend chapters established across the globe, the public were never going to let Turbonegro gather dust on the shelf – and Sexual Harrassment is the album they've been demanding. Five years after its predecessor, 2007’s ‘Retox, ‘Sexual Harassment’ represents the beginning of a new era for veteran members Euroboy, Happy-Tom and Rune Rebellion. In addition to the new front-man, Tommy Manboy is now manning the drum-set, infusing a solid dose of vitality into the quarter-century old outfit. With roots in hardcore punk and 80s alt rock, ‘Sexually Harassment’ packs a heavy punch throughout its 32 compact minute duration.

1997 saw Turbonegro recording the now all-time classic ‘Apocalypse Dudes’, which was released in the U.S. by Man's Ruin in early 1999. However, the group had broken up at the end of 1998; Darkness Forever!, a selection of live performances from the band's final year, was released in early 2001. The breakup, however, was short-lived, and Turbonegro were back for tour dates in 2002, followed by the release of Scandinavian Leather in 2003. A handful of northern European dates coincided the release of the band's seventh album, Party Animals, in 2005. A collection of remixes appeared in 2006 as Small Feces, Vol. 1, with the full-length Retox arriving in 2007.

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