Stable January sales

The Norwegian music market remained more or less stable in January, with domestic repertoire maintaining its solid market share.

Askil Holm - Harmony Hotel - currently the best selling Norwegian artist on the domestic market

The latest sales figures from the Association of Norwegian Record Distributors show that sales of domestic repertoire remained more or less stable compared to 2006. The domestic percentage of total sales in January ended at 32%, a decline on app. 3% compared to last year.

Total sales in January rose with 15% compared to 2006, including both physical units and downloads. Sales of physical goods increased with 12% while download sales were up a whopping 125% compared to last year.

Sales of singles were up 4% in value while DVD Music sales were up 11% in value compared to January 2006.

These were the market shares in January 2007:

Universal 23%
Sony BMG 21,5%
EMI Recorded Music 17,6%
Bonnier Amigo 11,4%
Warner 8,5%
MO 4,7%
VME 4,2%
Master Music/Naxos 3,1%
Playground 2,7%
Bare Bra / Tylden 1,6%
MBO Sales Norway 1,1%
KKV 0,5%

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