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Lindstrøm awarded major export grant

Lindstrøm receives inaugural Export Program grant from Music Export Norway

A major new initiative from Music Export Norway, its NOK 900 000 Export Program, is awarded to ‘Space Disco’ pioneer Lindstrøm.

Writes Music Export Norway in a press release issued this week:

In the summer of 2010 Music Export Norway introduced a new export program. The program is intended as an export funding program towards individual Norwegian projects, with the goal of increasing the export of Norwegian music.

Music Export Norway will grant partial funding for up to two projects per year. Each project may receive up to NOK 300,000 per year for up to three years. The total value per project can be up to NOK 900,000. This export program is open to a wide range of industry professionals, such as production companies, management, music publishers and songwriters, as well as artists in all genres.

After a thorough review by a jury consisting of Per Sinding Larsen, Per Boye Hansen, Mads Hauge and Inger Dirdal the first export program has been awarded electronica act Lindstrøm. Lindstrøm is widely respected internationally for his unique music. He also won the Norwegian Grammy for best electronica album with the album Where You Go I Go Too.

- I am very happy to be awarded the export program, and I think it is a very good initiative. The program will make it easier for me to create music based in Norway, as a performing artist, and through my own label Feedelity, and my publishing company Feedelity Music Publishing - in close cooperation with my Norwegian management Up Front Artists and record label Smalltown Supersound, says Lindstrøm.

- It is expensive and demanding to work with music export. There is a lot of good Norwegian music with international potential out there - in several genres. There are many great bands, artists, record labels and managers who work hard, but unfortunately pure willpower will only get you so far, - no matter how good music you make. You need economic investments like Music Export Norway's export program to increase the export of Norwegian music, continues Lindstrøm.

Full story on Music Export Norway’s own site.

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