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Music Norway’s first MD appointed

Kathrine Synnes Finnskog to lead Music Norway

This week saw the Norwegian music industry’s new export organization, Music Norway’s first Managing Director being appointed. Come January, Kathrine Synnes Finnskog will take the helm of Music Norway as the new organisation’s first director.

Music Norway is the result of a merger of Music Export Norway and the Music Information Centre Norway; the new organisation commences operations in January 2013.

Kathrine Synnes Finnskog (40), has a strong background in the Norwegian music industry and has been an in-demand artist manager for more than a decade. Kathrine founded Bpop artist management in 2002 and later merged with Mentometer to create Bopmentometer, one of the country’s largest artist managements. In 2011, Kathrine founded a new artist management company, Synnes Music Managemen, and has devoted much of her time overseeing the careers of Eurovision Song contest winner Alexander Rybak as well as artists Maria Haukaas Mittet, Elvira Nikolaisen and Tooji.

Says Finnskog to on her new assignment:

- Music Norway will set a new standard for Norwegian Music Export. We will create a strong strategy for international artist profiling and music exports. Our aim must be to create a natural ‘pit stop’ for Norwegian artists, supplying competence for those with strong international ambitions. We’ll continuously evaluate our international efforts so that we can improve and maintain a solid focus on a business-oriented cultural policy.

- More than anything, it’s imperative that we maintain a good dialogue with the music industry and address the needs of the professionals and ultimately create an organisation that is seen as vital and important for those that aspire to make a living in the music industry. We’ll also need numbers, facts and clear statistics to create relevant strategies that are needed in the new organisation.

Kathrine looks forward to a new year with new opportunities:

- In many ways, we’re starting with a clean sheet here – something that’s as exciting as it is challenging. My own motivation for the job has been sharpened through the long recruitment process; it’s given me time to think it through. I have many strong opinions on the new organisations and I welcome feedback on best practices for Music Norway in 2013.

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