Arne Nordheim: Dodeka

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Arne Nordheim's Dodeka

Arne Nordheim: Dodeka cover

The twelve pieces on this central Rune Grammofon release have never been available in a recorded format before. The product of a fiercely inquisitive musical mind, that of Norway’s most central contemporary composer Arne Nordheim, Dodeka proves to be an intense and magnificent piece of work as well as a vital historical documentation of an important phase in the composer’s life. The twelve featured pieces were recorded during Nordheim’s visits to Warsaw in the 60s and 70s and serve as a fascinating point of reference for the current electronic music scene. As opposed to current electronic music that's often thoroughly produced, streamlined and sometimes completely saturated in an electronic complexity, Nordheim's expression is simpler and cleaner. Each individual event is surrounded with much space and exists in a slower respiration; a lapse characterised by more resistance that in turn reflects a completely different and more difficult compositional process than that of today's effortless keyboard punches.

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