Minor Majority: Up for you and I

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Minor Majority's 'Up for you and I' album.

Minor Majority: Up for you and I (cover)

Minor Majority’s lyrical, down-tempo, melancholic and plain beautiful tunes have undoubtedly found their perfect format on the band’s latest album. Vocalist and songwriter Pål Angelskår’s hushed, gentle and smooth voice is the perfect match for the tasteful guitar work and minimalist playing of the rhythm section. Tunes such as She gave me away have pawed the way for the album which has subsequently reached gold sales on the domestic market. ‘Up for you and I’ is the band’s third album and it represents the most coherent work from an outfit that has grown considerably both in terms of expression, maturity and recognition in later years. Fans of such songwriters as Nick Drake and Tom McRae ought to check this out.

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