Popium: Permanently High

MIC’s Listen to Norway profile series continues with Popium’s Permanently High album.

Popium 2003

Popium’s Frank Hammersland writes timeless tunes with melodic twists that stick to your mind. While most of the songs utilise a well-known formula, Hammersland & Co. showcase a strong innovative ability and will to infuse new blood to the genre. Popium share a trait with many of the wildly creative bands coming out of Norway these days - they’re from Bergen. Recorded in the same building as Jaga Jazzist’s and Röyksopp’s consequently successful albums, Permanently High contains much of the same bubbling creativity and disdain for convention that have made the two electronica acts so successful. While Popium is operating in another field, there’s not a shortage of creativity and skill that will prevent the band from achieving the same success as that of Bergen’s more famous acts.

Popium: Permanently High (Music Network MNWCD381)

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