Conexions - Introduction by Fiona Talkington

Norway & UK - a musical celebration

By Fiona Talkington curator - Conexions:

Norwegian music has played a big part in my life for some years now. I’ve been inspired by the outstanding work in the worlds of Norwegian jazz, traditional music, classical, experimental and beyond. By its fantastic festivals, by recordings and collaborations. But most of all by people and their seemingly unstoppable creative spirit and vision, their warmth, humour, generosity and unwillingness to compromise on high standards.

I am honoured by the chance to curate a series at Oslo’s Victoria jazz club and decided I would like to celebrate the creative partnership and understanding between our two nations which has been going on, thanks to the energy of so many people on both sides of the North Sea, for many years.

I have also been inspired by Norwegian literature and the close connections between musicians and writers. I’m looking forward to inviting some writers to take part in the series too.

Some concerts pay tribute to long-standing work, some concerts put new partnerships together, but you are welcome to them all to explore the things we share and the things which make us different, to have fun, to listen to great music and to make sure that our cultural alliance goes on for many years to come!

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