Jazkamer head out on UK tour

September sees Norway’s prime noise duo Jazkamer heading out on a UK tour.

Jazzkammer 2

September sees one of Norway’s foremost experimental/noise acts, Jazkamer, heading out on a UK tour.

Since 1998 Norwegians John Hegre and Lasse Marhaug have been making sound together as Jazzkammer. Debut album "Timex" in 1999 have been followed by a string of releases on labels like Staalplaat, Abisko, Xerxes, Smalltown Supersound, Utech, Bottrop-Boy and OHM Records, as well as touring and playing shows around the world. Remixed by friends on the "Rolex" CD in 2001. Live collaboration CD with Merzbow later the same year. Have done music for theatre and dance performances. Visited and worked in Singapore during the SARS-crisis in spring 2003, but survived. Co-produced Maja Ratkje's "Voice" album in 2002, which was awarded with a price at the Prix Ars Electronica in 2003. Slightly altered their name to Jazkamer in 2004, to get rid of the jazz. In 2005 released their complete tour of Japan in a deluxe cassette box set.

Marhaug is definitely one of the defining forces and protagonists of Norwegian noise music. From an early age he indulged in the obscure and disturbing fringes of music and sound, and he has been a pioneer in the field, recognized as such in Norway and Abroad. Projects and collaborations include Jazkamer, Rishaug Marhaug, Duo with Frode Gjerstad, Duo with Maja Ratkje, Duo with Paal Nilsen-Love and many others. He is also a driving force behind many noise music/noise art festivals and events. He is frequently touring, at home and abroad, and along with the small but highly regarded group of Norwegian noise artists he continually pushes the delimitations and delineations of music and art. Lasse Marhaug’s conceptions of noise music entail diverse collaborations across the line of artistic expressions.

A few press quotes:

"On a mission to rip your inner ear apart"
- Victoria Segal, NME

"The sheer delight in in layering strange sounds has rarely sounded so fresh. Jazzkammer exhibit a true dedication to their craft"
- Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector

"Each piece is less like a recognisable musical structure than a chamber in which sonic clouds coalesce and desperse, while soundwaves undulate and vaporise"
- Julian Cowley, The Wire

"Unapologetically experimental; the duo's infatuation with sound is infectious"
- Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

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