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Real Ones - Live At The Office

Real Ones captivates its audience with utterly charming Live At The Office concert.

Real Ones is quite simply one of the freshest, most innovative bands around; with complex, thrilling songs and a quite outstanding ability to bring it all home live. Their performances have this unique ability to put smiles on people’s faces; by the sheer magic of their musicality and their skill at making songs that manifest the eerie, joyful mystery of good melodies. They make it seem so simple to craft great songs with the basic acoustic elements they employ. Earlier this September, Real Ones played a captivating Live At The Office concert, held at one of national railway company NSB’s divisions in Drammen, features a string of the band’s classics including songs such as Who Wouldn’t Like, Lonesome Town, The Neighborhood and Ballad of an Old Man. Putting smiles on people’s faces was something the likeable crew just did as they performed track after track with the audience chiming in on the melodic choruses.

Originally broadcasted live on national radio and streamed on national broadcaster NRK’s website, the concert is now available for international audiences. Watch the footage below:

Real Ones - Live At The Office from MICnorway on Vimeo.

The Bergen outfit expertly combine notions of Irish folk, American west coast harmonies, eastern twang, and progressive pop a la Flaming Lips and Mars Volta. And all through their diverse output runs this loyalty to the basic concept of played music, and real instruments. Their name in a way says it all: This is the real thing, songs that draw you in, lights up the whole listening space and also lets the mind wonder. Like all great songs do.

To date Real Ones have released five albums since their debut with This is Camping (2003). Their latest outing is 2011’s First Night on Earth. For nearly a decade Real Ones have been perfecting their art and execution rather than opting for quick fixes. And they stand forth as a band almost like no other; they are simply so overwhelmingly professional. And this mastery of execution opens up for the music itself in a way most performers cannot achieve. When the concert is something completely mastered, then the art itself stands forth, both in the songs themselves but also in the form of leeway for personal virtuousness. Real ones bring to the stage what most bands have to confine to the studio, i.e., delivering the exact music they want to convey, giving the audience the real thing, merging ‘real’ as in live, with ‘real’ as in the essence of their music.

And it is this essence; the strength of their songs that forms the foundation of their special enterprise, for professionalism without content to match it becomes only sterile and utterly incapable of striking that special nerve with the audience, that nerve which belongs to music alone. Real Ones are the opposite of this; it is exactly the keen ability to find and nurture the magic of music, again and again and in various forms, that makes them a band we should be grateful for. It is very rare indeed to find a group that comes across as wholehearted as these five old friends from Bergen. True to the magic of music, open to its many forms, and committed to conveying it in its brilliance and complexity, they have worked hard for twelve years to live up to a standard few even contemplate.

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