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Statoil grant to Kvelertak

The prestigious NOK 1m Statoil grant awarded to Kvelertak

One of many highlights of last week’s by:Larm was the annual award ceremony for the NOK 1m Statoil grant. A total of 10 strong acts including Harrys Gym, Ulver, Ost & Kjex, Montee, 120 Days, Jenny Hval, Turns, Lukestar and I Was A King were shortlisted for the award, but it was one of 2010’s true successes, hard-core act Kvelertak, that took home the check from Norway’s leading oil company.

The Statoil fund is aimed at providing monetary support for acts that are in the early stages of their international careers, and it is hoped that the incentive can help bolster touring, promotion and launches of recordings abroad.

Wrote the band in a short Facebook status update posted on Sat evening: ‘We just won 1 000 000 Norwegian kroner! It's a fucked up world :)’

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