Release drawing near for Lene Marlin’s third; 'Lost in the moment'

“It’s a special feeling to have made three albums before turning twenty-five” says the hugely successful artist.

Lene Marlin 2005 (photo: Marcel Leliënhof)

In a recent interview with the daily Dagbladet, she explains that on this, her third album, she chose to take complete control of the entire process herself. This necessarily entailed that the whole project was kept secret from everyone barring producers, musicians and a few close friends.

To have managed to keep the album secret from her record company and its mighty boss Per Eirik Johansen, who signed Marlin in the first place and who has been instrumental to her enormous success, seems an unlikely feat, “and something people tend to doubt when I tell them”, says Marlin. “But it’s true, and in retrospect I’m really happy I was able to keep it that way.”

“Because this time around the record was complete and “unalterable” before anyone not directly involved in the recording process even knew about it.
So now it feels great to be able to face all the commercial aspects of being an artist knowing that the album is “untouchable”; that it is out of my hands, fare it as it may.”

“However it is also more than mildly nerve-wrecking”, she confesses, “because even if I’m personally positive that it’s my best effort so far, I’ve had very little external feedback and not allowed for any outside influence on my artistic decisions.

'Lost in the moment' will hit the stores on June 11th.”

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