Ane Brun US/Canadian tour

May sees Brun touring the US and Canada in support of the upcoming US release her celebrated album ‘It All Starts With One’.

Reaching far beyond her Scandinavian base, Brun has become something of a favourite among lovers of low key folksy acoustic music all over the world. Her records have been released across Europe and America, and consistently they have made a big impression: her music is of the kind that stands out, and her voice and melodies seem to have a special ability to become embedded in the listeners mind.

May sees Brun touring the US and Canada in support of the upcoming US release her celebrated 2011 album ‘It All Starts With One’. Live dates are found in the calendar section.

Ane Brun ‘Worship’ feat. José González

Discussing her musical influences and Scandinavian heritage, Brun believes that it matters where you come from, because the music you hear throughout your life becomes a source of melodies, phrasing and tone.

“Growing up in Scandinavia means hearing and seeing music and culture from the English-speaking world combined with the Scandinavian culture,” she says.

Brun says that her music is influenced by old popular Scandinavian folk music, but she admits that listening to pop, jazz, classical music and music from other parts of the world mixed with traditional music from Norway and Sweden, probably has a bigger influence on the music she makes.

NPR described Brun’s music as “music that fits well into the cinematic world. Her songs are brimming with life and energy while still touching on feelings of loss and self-doubt.”

In 2002, Brun recorded her debut album, Spending Time with Morgan, named after her beloved acoustic guitar, and since then seven more albums have been released.

The No More Lullabies concert, organized by Brun in 2009 to bring attention to issues related to climate justice, shows the artist’s political awareness. She assembled 24 well-known Swedish artists such as Robyn, Lonely Dear, Titiyo and Benny Andersson of ABBA to take part in seven hours of live music and visuals to mark the International Day of Climate Action (October 24). They succeeded in making some noise on the issue before the upcoming COP15 conference.

In 2011, she released It All Starts With One. The album is produced by Tobias Fröberg, and should have been recorded 2010, but was postponed when both Peter Gabriel and Ani Difranco – two artists who have meant a lot to Ane – asked her to join them on their tours. Gabriel's collaboration with the Scandinavian singer/songwriter continues on his next album, New Blood, due to be released this year.

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