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Heroes & Zeros US tour

NYC and Alaska gigs in early March for tight knit trio Heroes & Zeros

Universal recording artists Heroes & Zeroes are making their first trip to America, specifically to New York and Alaska. The trio formed in 2005 and has been performing relentlessly around Europe ever since, supporting two LPs and a handful of EPs.

Heroes & Zeros / US Tour Promo 2011 from erik braund on Vimeo.

Heroes and Zeroes have been aiming wide from the start and approached their song writing and sound accordingly. And to great success, for the recurring description is that an exceptional knack for crafting songs with the quality that secures wide appeal is furthered and made freshly exiting by an unpredictable sound and seemingly original musical landscaping.

Heroes & Zeros’ distinct sound sets them apart from most of their domestic peers with a broad sonic palette that sounds distinctly un-Norwegian featuring liberal use of distorted bass, atmospheric guitar work and instantly identifiable vocal lines. Despite being a trio, the outfit manages to conjure up a mighty sound on stage and more than one concert goer has been spotted craning his neck to search for that invisible extra guitarist or keyboardist that is nowhere to be seen.

March sees Heroes & Zeroes playing 8 gigs in the US before heading over to Europe again, this time for a string of dates across Germany. Says singer Hans Jørgen Undelstvedt , “This is not only a tour, it's a proper adventure!”

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