Serena-Maneesh to support NiN on Japan/Australia tour

Serena-Maneesh confirms Japanese and Australian support dates with Nine Inch Nails.

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Emil Nikolaisen bylarm 2006 (Foto: Kimm Saatvedt)

Serena-Maneesh confirmed this week that the collective is scheduled to play support for Nine Inch Nails on the band’s upcoming tour of Australia and Japan in May.

According to Norwegian daily NiN vocalist Trent Reznor initially approached the Norwegian outfit with a wish for support on the major US act’s current European tour. SM turned down the offer, citing fatigue and financial issues as reasons for not joining NiN on the European leg of their World Tour.

However, NiN’s management persisted and instead offered a support slot on the band’s Japan and Australia tour – an offer Serena-Maneesh found difficult to resist. ‘We just had to do it’ says SM front-man Emil Nikolaisen. ‘We’d heard that Trent Reznor had heard our record and really liked it. Japan and Australia are still virgin territories for us and this represents a fantastic opportunity for us’ says the songwriter, guitarist and vocalist who concludes that; ‘…this could become totally insane!’

Tour dates are found in the event section below.

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