Happy Days goes Nordic – Nordic Music Days goes Happy!

The Nordic Music Days comes to Oslo, Norway this August to be fused with the vibrant Happy Days Festival.

Happy Nordic Music Days sticker

Nordic Music Days was established in 1888 already, by composers from the Nordic countries. In 2009, this rich tradition will be coupled with Ny Musikk's less traditional festival Happy Days to become Happy Nordic Music Days. Throughout four days in Oslo, musicians and composers from all the Nordic countries will explore the festival theme Nordic Luxury – Contemporary Music in the Welfare State.

What is the position of contemporary music in the Nordic welfare states? Happy Nordic Music Days wants to do a musical investigation of tradition, modernity and identity in the Nordic countries, as well as of the surroundings in which the Nordic contemporary music exists.


The opening concert will take place in luxurious surroundings in Oslo's venerable Gamle Logen , where among others The Norwegian Radio Orchestra will play works by Nordic composers who, for some reason, have chosen to leave an avant-garde musical path.

The second day of the festival is consecrated to site specific projects in public space, in the centre of Oslo, during the election campaigns for the Norwegian Parliament.

Friday, we move our questioning into Oslo's new opera building in Bjørvika, and also into its smaller, but just as important neighbour, the old theatre boat Innvik which brought theatre to remote coastal areas of Norway in the 1970s.

The day after, on Saturday, the festival culminates in a whole-day event at Norsk Folkemuseum, Norway's largest outdoor museum of cultural heritage. The stave church and the buildings from different regions in Norway will be filled with concerts, installations and Nordic composers sitting by the fireplace, thinking of modernity and identity.

The programme will be including the foremost composers and performers from the Nordic countries. Further details will be revealed in the forthcoming months.

More info on this exciting and vibrant initiative here.

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