Closing the Distance

22 year old artist Christel Alsos debuts with a bang with her new album ‘Closing the Distance’. Her true debut as a live artist comes at this week’s music industry convention by:Larm in Trondheim.

Capturing the moment: - I feel that I have to capture the moment right now – I’m in such a good phase of my life says 22-year old artist Christel Alsos. So much positive has come out of the last month, my album, feedback from friends and fans, the release gig here in Oslo and lots of radio airplay. This business has its ebbs and flows and I feel that I have to memorize this positive period for later.

Come On: Alsos grew up in the small North-Norwegian town of Fauske and was well known locally for her rich and unusually coarse voice which belies her tender age. She relocated to Oslo some two years ago to pursue her music career and eventually teamed up with a Swedish manager and respected producer Arvid Solvang (of Maria Mena fame). Recording sessions led to demos which eventually found their way to SonyBMG Norway who promptly singed the young artist. Last autumn saw the release of her first single “Come On” which really started the ball rolling. The beautiful piano and string-laden ballad showcases Alsos’ unique voice at its best and was awarded the media fuzz and radio airplay it deserves. Mid-January saw the release of Alsos’ first album ‘Closing the Distance’ and her by:Larm gig marks the start of a lengthy domestic tour in support of the debut outing.

Keeping it together: The happening singer-songwriter looks forward to her upcoming by:Larm showcase which will be one of her first gigs with a full backing band: “I’m really looking forward to playing in Trondheim. by:Larm will require that little extra from us – we really need to keep it together up there. A live gig should not be a blueprint of the album and we need to give something more than just renditions of the songs on the record. One of the things that I look most forward to is to get that immediate audience feedback. I spent much of last year writing songs, recording them and producing the album in the studio. When we finally played our release gig at (Oslo’s) Mono in January, the interaction with the audience brought me a profound realization; “so this is why I’m doing this!”

Intimacy: The young songwriter draws much of her musical inspiration from such artists as Jeff Buckley, Damien Rice and most importantly Joni Mitchell: - I feel that much of the acoustic, stripped down music of the last decade has come as a reaction to the louder, more up-beat music of the 80s and 90s. The need to calm things down has been born out of a desire to return to one’s roots. Many of the songs on ‘Closing the Distance’ deal with my yearning for my roots and a solid framework for your life which I experienced in a transitional period when I moved to Oslo from my small home-town up north. It was a major shift for me, and I yearned for a closer and more intimate bond with my loved ones and my family. The album’s title is a reference to this; I really wanted to close the distance between myself and those that I care for and I wanted to highlight the music’s intimate nature. I wear my heart on my sleeve throughout many of my songs and I want listeners to perceive the album and my music as intimate, personal and a means of conveying a feeling of closeness and sincerity.

Sundfør: Much has been written in the domestic press on the recent surge of young, female and highly talented female artists making their way on the Norwegian music scene. Alsos isn’t immediately comfortably being tagged as an exponent of the new so-called “girl’s wave” in Norwegian music, but when asked to recommend one of her fellow sisters, Alsos does not hesitate: - Susanne Sundfør is fantastic! She’ll do amazing things this year. I’ll definitely see her gigs up in Tronheim!

“Closing the Distance” is out now on SonyBMG Norway.

by:Larm 2007: :

Christel Alsos

22-year old singer-songwriter

Released her debut “Closing the Distance” (SonyBMG) in January 2007

Thu 8 Feb – 22:00 Verkstedhallen
Fri 9 Feb – 00:00 Dokkhuset

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