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Erik S. Dæhlin 2008_2 (Foto: MIC/Lisbeth Risnes)

Educated as a percussionist at the Conservatory, finished in 1998. Chamber musician with a great experience in both rhythmic- and classic musical relations. Dæhlin has performed in most norwegian festivals for contemporary music and art, mainly through ensembles as NING, Puls Percussion Ensemble and the duo Sploing. Dæhlin has been producing cds as well as doing radio recordings.

As a composer he has been active since 1997, doing solo-, chamber- and orchestral music, as well as instrumental theater pieces and electro-acoustic pieces. During the recent years, Dæhlin has been especially occupied with music that integrates some kind of performative material, that unfold in and beyond the music and in context to the performance space. Finished compositional studies in 2006 at the Academy Of Music in Oslo.

Formation de percussionniste, diplômé du conservatoire en 1998. Musicien de chambre avec une grande expérience dans les relations rythmiques et classiques à la musique. Dæhlin a participé aux principaux festivals norvégiens de musique et d’art contemporains, principalement avec des ensembles comme NING, Puls Percussion Ensemble et le duo Sploing. Dæhlin a produit des disques et des enregistrements radio.

Il est actif en tant que compositeur depuis 1997. Il écrit des œuvres pour musique de chambre, orchestre et solo, ainsi que des pièces de théâtre instrumentales et électro-acoustiques.Au cours des dernières années, Dæhlin s’est plus particulièrement penché sur la musique incluant des œuvres avec « performances », se déployant dans et au-delˆ de la musique, en lien avec l’espace où la performance est réalisée.Il a terminé ses études de composition à l’Académie de Musique d’Oslo en 2006.


"uten tittel" music theater for NING, video and electonics. Nordic Music Days - Helsinki 2008.
"uten tittel" for percussion solo and electronics. Written for HŒkon M. Stene
"ON/OFF" Piece for solo percussion and ensemble. Commissioned by MiN-Ensemblet and Kjell Tore Innervik. In cooperation with Jørgen Karlstrøm. Ilios Festival January 15. 2007.

List of works:

    "Do We Have Him Now?" for radio. Commissioned by Nrk P2 2007. 5`36``
    "Klokkeklang", for violin, cello, piano and quartertone marimba, with/-out electronics. 4`
    "Grieg Materiale". A commission from Academy Of Music for the Grieg Jubiee. For violin, cello, piano and quartertone marimba and 5.1 electronics 10` 2007
    "On. Careful" for prepared piano, electronics and video. For Else Olsen S. 15`
    "We Are - I am" for voice and ensemble for the music-theater piece "Music" by Ning & A. Smith 2007
    Music for the theater piece "Bussen" (The Bus) av Lukas Bärfuss, Det Norske Teater. 150` 2007
    "We Are - I am" sound installation 8` 2006.
    "Huske" installation for video, plexiglas and sound. 5` 2006.
    "Alwaysee" for performer, gun shells, video and electronics. For Amund Sjølie Sveen. 10` 2006.
    "Mozart - Sinding, You & Me", for 13 instruments. Oslo Sinfonietta Aug. 2006. 10`
    "Reading The Lips Of Mr. M", solo piano (/also with tape). 2006. 3`/6`
    "Mozart, You & Me", stringsextet commissioned by Stephan Barratt-Due and Oslo Camerata. Febr. 2006. 8`
    "Deconstructing Ikea", with Amund Sjølie Sveen Percussion solo with electronics and video. 2006. 10`
    "Head On", percussion solo with electronics and video, for Kjell-Tore Innervik. 2006. 5`

    "Waves To Be Beaten, Conquer The Horizon", 2 percussionists and electronics, opening of "Vernebygg" Domkirkeodden Hamar- Sverre Fehn. 8`. 2005.
    "Triptych for Radio", commissioned by The Nationale Broadcasting Companys Orchestra and Nrk P2. 3` 2005
    "The Time Is Out Of Joint", 2 voices and chamber ensemble. 11`. 2005
    "Titan", for piano and tape. Music by Beetoven/Dæhlin, and transmitted sound from ESA. Liv Glaser 2005. 8`

    "For Tora" ("I" and Passage Barré") work in progress, for flute/performer and electronics. 12-` 2001-
    "Where Do We Go From Here?" aksjon for én person. 2004.
    "Bente Sætrang Prosjekt" for 2 slagverkere og elektronikk. Åpning av utstilling, Kunstindustrimuseet 2004.
    "Chyt" - mikromelodrama for 2 stemmer og klaver. 2004.
    "Seul Près Du Passage" for grand marimba. 5` 1999/2005.
    "Traces et Instantanés" (un journal musical) for piano. 1998-
    "spas" for perfomer/percussion 2000. 4`. Ning

    "Vestige" for percussion quartet. 12` 1999. Percussion Ensemble Puls, Rikskonsertene/Norsk Kulturråd.
    "ere" for lydbånd og slagverk (2). 1998. 7`
    "Blå Mellomrom" for fløyte, stemmer, piano, slagverk (2). 10`. 1998. Ning
    "Mellom Speil og Speil" for fløyte og slagverk. 7` 1997. Ning

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