Kaada: Natural Born Star

One of Norway’s most diverse and prolific musicians (John Erik) Kaada has just released a new album. It became available for downloading on Monday the 18th, while stores start selling “Natural Born Star” on Monday the 25th.

Kaada-bart (Observatoriet)

The album is the soundtrack to the upcoming documentary of the same name by Norwegian filmmaker Even Benestad. The film will premiere this fall, but Kaada’s soundtrack is available before the holidays set in; furnishing us with what Kaada calls “55 minutes of sheer heaviness; packed with 19 tracks inspired from Italian film music from 1978 to 1982”

Lately this remarkable artist has been working more and more with film, and he has already contributed soundtracks to a number of Norwegian productions. As a man of both staggering talent and international friends who recognize it, the time had come, in January this year, for Kaada to embark on his first Hollywood venture. The contract was signed and everything looking bright when Lindsay Lohan, the movie’s star, went into rehab and the project was postponed. 180 people were suddenly out of work. One of them, Kaada, decided to quit the project and says he is happy to be working in Norway where things are under his personal control in a different way.

Working with film music has opened up the realm of classical music and composition for him he says, which he regards as “part two of his musical life.” It has entailed things like a tour this May of classical concert halls the Netherlands with a full choir and chamber orchestra. Yet, this part two is one he has only just embarked on, so we will surely see a lot more classical outings from this guy in the future, in whatever form; film music or symphonies.

Kaada is also still very active with the band Cloroform. In May they spent time in the studio recording their upcoming album “Clean” (TBA). And this summer they will perform at a few Norwegian festivals.

His other most remarked project is his collaboration with Faith no More’s Mike Patton. The two have gotten along famously in their shared sense of the idiosyncrasies of music and art. The latest Kadda/Patton album was 2004’s “Romances”.

Listen to Kaada tracks here:

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