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Nils Økland to perform with the London Sinfonietta

Early June sees Hardanger fiddle master Nils Økland joining the London Sinfonietta for a not-to-be-missed concert that fuses Norwegian traditional music with contemporary classical compositions.

On Thursday June 2nd, Hardanger folk fiddler Nils Økland is joining the London Sinfonietta in a concert fusing traditional Norwegian folk music with contemporary classical music.

The London Sinfonietta is hosting ‘Written/Unwritten’, a pioneering festival that runs from 2nd – 4th June where the worlds of written and unwritten music collide. Together with the London Sinfonietta, the Norwegian folk musician Nils Økland will stage the first event, focusing on music that builds bridges between contemporary classical and improvised genres.

Nils Økland is an acclaimed Hardanger fiddler trained in the oral folk music traditions. With music that has passed down orally through generations in Norway, Økland will create new music in collaboration with the London Sinfonietta.

Across a number of workshops in February and May, all the musicians spent time exploring two musical genres that have been passed down their traditions in very different ways. By sharing their experiences and different ways of working they have produced new collaborative work and Økland will perform a solo set of ancient and contemporary folk coupled with chamber music from the London Sinfonietta.

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