Folkelarm 2010

One of the autumn’s highlights on the folk music scene, showcase festival and music industry gathering Folkelarm, is fast approaching. Check out the festival’s strong roster and varied programme.

Held at the brand new Riksscenen – Riksscenen – the National Scene for Folk Music, Folkelarm is without doubt the most important gathering for the Nordic folk music scenes with its plethora of strong showcasing acts, trade fair, seminars and programs tailored for the event’s international delegates.

Folkelarm is a key Nordic music industry convention which aims at promoting acts from the Scandinavian folk music scene for domestic as well as international music industry execs and media representatives. The inaugural Folkelarm festival was held in 2005 and since then the event has been held annually. The event is owned and managed by the Norwegian Traditional Music and Dance Association and the Norwegian National Association for Folk Music.

A major goal of Folkelarm has been to promote folk music acts for a domestic as well as international folk and world music industry, but in parallel to this, the event has always been an event open for the general audience, resulting in what could only be described as a vibrant festival and a true audience success. Artists from the Nordic countries can apply for a showcase slot at Folkelarm, and a jury selects the artists based on a set of criteria established by Norway’s traditional music and dance organizations. Priority is given to acts that can be seen as viable for international careers.

In addition to the showcases, Folkelarm is a key meeting place for Norwegian and international world- and folk music industry execs. Folkelarm organizes seminars and workshops, as well as separate events tailored for the various music industry representatives.

Full programme and detailed info is found on the Folkelarm site.

Listen to the fresh ’99 Minutes – Folkelarm Special’ webcast here.

This Spotify playlist offers a taster of the showcase acts

Folkelarm’s own site offers a great overview of the featured showcase artists.

In addition to the numerous showcases at the new Riksscenen – the National Scene for Folk Music, a number of events are scheduled to take place:

- Workshops and seminars for artists and delegates

- Fair / stand area for artists and delegates

- A tailored program for international delegates produced by Music Export Norway

- Folkelarmprisen (Norwegian Folk Music Award)

- Cooperation with the Ultima Festival

Music Export Norway coordinates the international program of Folkelarm 2010, where 24 international delegates from 15 different countries participate. This program includes networking events, guided tours and showcases by artists such as Eplemøya, Sver, Transjoik and Majorstuen.

- As a result of the cooperation between Folkelarm and Music Export Norway, the international program will strengthen both the export-oriented work for folk and traditional music and the recognition of Folk music's unique position, says project manager Øyvind Skjerven Larsen of Music Export Norway.

More info on Music Export Norway’s Folkelarm activities here.

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