LindstrÝm announces new album

No less than two albums from space-disco master LindstrÝm in 2012; ‘Smalhans’ to be released in November.

The aptly titled ‘Smalhans’ is the fourth solo album by Norwegian producer Hans-Peter LindstrÝm, and his second album be released this year. Spring 2012 saw the release of ‘Six Cups of Rebel’, a highly personal album for LindstrÝm which showcased his more experimental side. LindstrÝm’s upcoming album ‘Smalhans’, which sees its release on November 6th via Smalltown Supersound, finds LindstrÝm back on the dance floor with six monumental tracks – classic LindstrÝm style.

‘Smalhans’ was mixed by his friend Todd Terje, who has also made extended edits which will be released as 12″s. The album title is an old Norwegian word and means scarcity or simply poverty. Each track on the album is titled after a traditional Norwegian meal.

Smalltown Supersound sums it all up: ‘Smallhans is LindstrÝm at his very best, perfected by Todd Terje’.

October sees LindstrÝm returning to the US for a mini-tour with appearances in Miami, Washington DC and Chicago. Full overview here.

The tracklisting of ‘Smalhans’ reads like a humorous overview of some of Norway’s culinary staples:

1. Rŗ-ŗkű-st

2. L‚mm-śl-‚‚r

3. ∆g-gśd-Űsis

4. VŰs-s‚kŰ-rv

5. F‚‚r-i-k‚‚l

6. V‚-flś-r

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