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Håkon Kornstad – Live At The Office

The ‘Live At The Office’ concert series continues with a spirited solo gig featuring sax player Håkon Kornstad.

Watch sax-player Håkon Kornstad’s cool solo gig at the Oslo office of environmental NGO Bellona:

Håkon Kornstad - Live At The Office from MICnorway on Vimeo.

Through creative use of layered samples, effects and a wide variety of various saxophones Kornstad manages to weave a rich canvas of intertwined rhythmic pattern on top of which he solos effervescently.

'Live at The Office' is a live concert series presented by the Music Information Centre Norway and NRK, the national Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. For a series of intimate concerts, MIC invites musicians to perform on an unlikely stage for a live concert; the office. Watch intimate video performances of your favorite Norwegian artist, recorded live at MIC’s Oslo office or in selected locations throughout the country.

Håkon Kornstad was born in 1977 in Oslo. After playing the saxophone since his early school days, as many others of his generation he found his tone and co-players at the Jazz Conservatory in Trondheim.

Håkon Kornstad is sax player who really can do things quite out of the extraordinary, and make it sound perfectly natural, even verging on the beautiful. A master soloist who loves to experiment with sound and rhythm and the combined textures they produce, his is a tone that really stands out in the quite competitive field of contemporary saxophone players in Norway. Håkon Kornstad also plays various flutes and his own socalled "flutonette", a flute with a saxophone mouthpiece, and commands his live electronics on stage.

Kornstad is a focused experimentalist who has always been on the frontline of technology and musicality. He was probably one of the first in the Norwegian jazz scene to take a live electronic looper on stage and he produces layers, loops and mixes of his own effervescent saxophone walls that mingle and creep into each other like a magic blend of music that confirms that you are listening to something that is totally unique indeed.

Also check out MIC Norway’s latest ’99 Minutes’ webcast which features an interview with Kornstad as well as two unreleased tracks by the solo saxophone master.

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