Jacob Young: Evening Falls

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Jacob Young's 'Evening Falls'

Jacob Young: Evening Falls (cover)

Evening Falls is Norwegian guitarist Jacob Young’s international debut record. Tellingly it happens on the highly acclaimed ECM label, the level of whose artists indicates Young’s position in contemporary jazz. With a background from New York’s radiant contemporary jazz milieu, as well as with a prominent pedigree of projects and collaborations in Europe, Jacob Young is a figurehead of Norwegian Jazz and a musician whose international debut has been awaited by many. On Evening Falls he has written all of the compositions barring one, which is co written with the legendary John Christensen. This drum-legend is the cornerstone of the elite ensemble which Young has assembled, and whose names either belong to the pinnacle of jazz music in Scandinavia or are due to ascend to this position shortly. Not least as a consequence of their work on this record, which has received unanimous critical acclaim and has been championed as one of last year’s most important releases.

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