Drunk: The Company Tie

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Drunk's 'The Company Tie'

Drunk: The Company Tie (cover)

Drunk is a new punk band made up of members from some of the most influential punk and hardcore bands in this genre’s Norwegian history. Thus their stripes had already long since been earned and the attention of a whole segment of music lovers secured. Drunk’s whooping, kick-ass live performances soon won numerous new fans and the denotation: ‘best punk band in the land’ became commonplace. With the record here presented they are out to prove that this holds true also away from the frenzied live crowds. And judging by its reception they’ve done the job and exceeded expectations. The record is produced and mixed by some of the best folks in the business, as the result evidences, and it cannot be denied that the combination of top-notch sound and an ultra energetic expression is a masterstroke by Drunk.

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